Reader Question:

This guy and I have-been matchmaking for three months, and then we currently had intercourse. My personal feelings for him are actually deep. We have had some trust issues in the process because I examined his cellphone. As I asked him regarding the some other girl, he states, “Elle, the audience isn’t in a relationship.” We practically live together and rest together all the time. I met his family members, but I am not sure if he should fulfill mine because I’m not sure whenever we’re major sufficient.

What exactly do I do?

-Elle (New York)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

Oh my nice, dear Elle. You made the blunder of countless ladies in a high-supply intimate economy. You believed gender before dedication would trigger a commitment.

Sadly, it never really does. Some words of “who’re we” and “what are our very own emotions for each additional” have to be shown BEFORE intercourse happens. I am aware one NY woman who has a 20-date guideline in order to get rid of the inventors that happen to ben’t inside it when it comes to longterm.

However it is almost certainly not too-late. Offer him a taste of your own morals. If he defintely won’t be exclusive since you two tend to be “perhaps not in a commitment,” you then make sure he understands you merely have sex with individuals you’re in an exclusive union with. Next quietly, but firmly, close the feet.

Today be ready for the consequences. You’ll lose him, however, if you keep up the way you tend to be, you’re certain to get rid of him and perhaps acquire an STD and a broken heart.

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